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Death Before Diet - Longboard


Death Before Diet is all about living in the moment. Enjoy the here and now, and stop worrying about tomorrow. Whether it's a mile-high ice cream cone or a high-speed downhill bomb...we say grip it, rip it and don't look back!

This release combines the brain-melting of Roger Lima (Less Than Jake/Rehasher) and Sam Grinberg (Cartoonist/The Simpsons). Together we bring you the first ever Death Before Diet Longboard! Great for riding and/or wall hanging!

Limited Edition: 1 of 50 (each board comes hand numbered)
Dimensions: 36.75" x 9"

Note: Shipping is US only for now. If anyone outside the US would like to purchase a longboard please contact me for a custom order form (email: [email protected]). This is the best way to avoid extra fees on either end. Thanks!