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"Muscle Boy Thrasher" is tee #1 of a 3-tee set. The limited series is packaged in action-figure-like plastic cases offering maximum protection and super cool delivery of your action-tee.

ANTIX LTD. ED. action-tees come with a collectible full-color cardback and other exclusive artist-related items. Not only are the tee and case collectible on their own, but the case also fits any retro carded He-Man action figure for maximum toy protection!

ANTIX LTD. ED. action-tees are produced in a small quantities to ensure collectibility. Unless it sells out first, "Series 1" is only available until the next series is released. Collect them all and don't wait, they'll be gone before you know it.

This release is limited to only (55) MUSCLE BOY THRASHER action-tees.